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Found this in my boyfriend’s room. Help.

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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

Cap selfie

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Franziska von Karma was perfect.  Just ask her and she would tell you.

That did not, however, mean she was not a human being.  She was flesh and blood like anyone else.  As such, even she felt the basic need to be loved.  Perhaps she realized her strict and sheltered upbringing left part of her life missing.  Perhaps it was the knowledge that the Von Karma lineage would one day need an heir.  Whatever the reason, she reached out for the one man who understood exactly what she had gone through her whole life.  After all, he had gone through it as well.

She saw Miles Edgeworth as a brother, but it was not by blood.  It was only a name she had given him.  Despite how they acted, it was a symbol of the relationship they shared.  That bond could have been exactly what they needed to make a union work.  It was not as though she was suggesting marriage or even anything long lasting.  She was only testing the waters.  Testing them “perfectly” she told herself.

Atop the tower overseeing the island, she knew they would be afforded privacy.  Even if worst came to worst, there would not be a soul to see her shame.  So, with an anxious heart, she confessed what was burdening her mind.

However, there was a complication not even a Von Karma could predict.


Rhoda Teneiro.

Where had she come from?  Had she been there the whole time?  Franziska barely even remembered the woman’s name and yet she had the audacity to declare her love for her “little brother”?

Though once her initial offense subsided, she was forced to bite back her rebuttal.  There was no contesting the fact that the flight attendant was attractive.  Even if her intellect could never compare to a peerless Von Karma’s she was still a stalwart professional.  Perhaps that’s what Edgeworth would want; a simpler, lower maintenance woman.  A… normal woman.

Would Franziska’s uncharacteristic affection be dashed against the rocks before it even had a chance to emerge?  Who would Edgeworth choose?

Yet as both women stood with hearts pounding and eyes pleading, another voice rang out.


Adrian Andrews.

As if her once false confidence was pieced back together and forged into pure steel, she strode forth against the glares of the other women to confess to Edgeworth the burning of her heart.  He had been cruel to her once, but honest.  His words had been tough, but they had given her freedom and hope for a better tomorrow… a tomorrow she wished to spend at his side.

Adrian had proven she was anything but damaged.  She had overcome a dark and shameful past, just as he had.  Perhaps that common link would draw them close.  Perhaps that understanding could blossom into passion.

No matter the case, Miles Edgeworth was presented with three of the most eligible bachelorettes on Japangeles Island.  Their beauty was breathtaking and their minds inspiring.  Any man would be overjoyed to garner even a glance from one of these women, but to captivate all three was a formerly unobtainable honor.

Who would Edgeworth choose?  How could Edgeworth choose?  It was impossible for a mere mortal to send two of these women away.  Yet all the same, he had to make a selection.

His eyes roamed over the trio of women, all awaiting his answer.  His nerves would not fail him.  He had to answer honestly.  They deserved the truth whether it pierced them to the core or set their hearts on wing.  At long last, there would be an answer to the question asked by both his friends and the hounding media alike and a new era would begin.


Who would be the lucky woman chosen by Miles Edgeworth?

He opened his mouth and spoke.

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Dear Confused Anonymous,

I did, but the right person asked for an encore.


Unfortunately, it turned out to be a song in her memorial.


I dedicate its final performance to you, Professor Constance Courte.  Your teachings will live on through me, ja?

-Klavier Gavin


show this picture at my funeral


I’m like, 82% sure that Jeremy Renner isn’t even real. He’s just Clint Barton pretending to be an actor.


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clint barton + lucky

good boy.

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Hawkeye #13

Me andy old phone