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sickest burn ever.

(Another of my fave movies. Also Sebastian Stan, ALWAYS reblog Sebastian Stan)

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This is so true.

Also, I love this movie. It’s… just awesome for many reasons.

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If you don’t love Wallace, you’re wrong.

who wouldnt reblog wallace wells

Pants Optional.

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My online story gained 2 followers today. .. a one direction spambot and a satanist. …
The story is about neither those things.

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 I laughed so hard I cried at the last gif

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So, I started replaying the Sims 3 with my boyfriend…

Steve and Tony went to a pool party to show off SUPERHERO BODIES.Then Tony hooked up with Hope Falls (our sim)…

Then we got bored and made Zackery, a wolfie in Moonlight Falls, he’s now engaged to our witch sim.

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Found this in my boyfriend’s room. Help.

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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

Cap selfie